Entering the Office

Daily temperature/symptoms screening of clients and visitors.

  • People waiting for screening should be spaced six-feet apart.
  • Each person is required to wear a face mask before entrance into the office.
  • Clients/visitors will be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms

(cough, shortness of breath, sore throats, headaches or stuffy nose)

  • Hand sanitizer should be used during every screening.
  • Temperature of all persons entering the space will be taken with an infrared thermometer.
  • Face masks should be worn everywhere at all times in the office.


Furnished Office Suites, Meeting Rooms, Coffee Lounge, Reception & Hallway

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

  • Common areas, high-traffic areas, door handles, AC and light switches will be cleaned with disinfectant/sanitizer every two hours.
  • Meeting room tables and chairs will be cleaned after use.
  • Coffee lounge will be cleaned immediately after someone has finished their meal.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned five times or more daily.
  • Meeting room has been set up with social distancing consideration.


  • If food is brought into the office, it should be in single-serving disposable packaging and should not be available for people to serve themselves in large dishes or containers.  Please do not share food.
  • Disposable cups are available in the coffee lounge.

Hygiene Guidelines for All

  • There are hand sanitizers at three points; first one is outside before entering the reception area, the second one is in the reception itself and the third is in the administrative office.
  • Please bring your own face mask and ensure it is worn when you are in the common areas around the office. Clients can also bring in their own hand sanitizer.
  • Everyone should please ensure they wash their hands frequently.
  • Use your arm or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, not your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Dispose of any tissues immediately and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer any time you have used tissues.
  • If you experience any symptoms, seek medical attention immediately and please remove yourself from the space.
  • If you feel sick or unwell- stay home.

We are so grateful to our clients and our team who are on the front line to ensure the health and safety of all our clients. 

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