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In the initial stages of getting your company off the ground, the last thing you need is to be saddled with high overhead costs. The demand of running a business alone or with limited resources is enough without having to deal with the hassles of training and monitoring new staff.

Chase Executive Services can offer you the perfect solution. By using one of our Virtual Office Plans, you can use our prestigious mailing address as if it were your own, have your clients call on your dedicated phone line, send and receive mail, and have access to our meeting and conference rooms.

We give you the polished, professional image you deserve at a reasonable price.

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Are you currently working from home?

Do you need a place to meet with your clients?

Would you like a more professional image, but feel the cost puts it out of your reach?

Chase Executive Services can offer you the solution to your every business need. Like many of our start-up clients, home based businesses in the expansion stage want to present themselves as established enterprises without the associated costs.

If you have a growing client base and would like to stop using your home for meetings and business transactions, try our Standard Virtual Office Plan . Our meeting and conference rooms are an ideal location to meet with your contractors and vendors. If you have an important presentation coming up, our business support services can even print, photocopy and bind your materials.

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Small and Medium Enterprises:

Even if you are already established, Chase Executive Services offers you the chance to test new waters with our Serviced Offices.

With Chase Executive Services, you can extend your presence and reach. Establish a branch office in either Lagos or Abuja and take your company to new heights. In addition, if you have a project to complete in either city, there’s no need to have your staff floating from client office to client office. We can provide a home office that is truly yours during your stay, assist your staff with all their administrative needs and even provide a place for your clients to meet you!

All the benefits of renting a traditional office space without the hefty cost and constant hassle can be yours with our Serviced and Virtual Offices.

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International Corporations:

If you are an international corporation who has decided to expand your enterprise into the Nigerian market, Chase Executive Services can help ease your transition.

With our Serviced and Virtual Office Plans, we have the capability to facilitate your foreign staff in booking hotel and car reservations, even refer you to serviced apartments in nearby areas.

Chase Executive Services has plenty of experience bridging the gap for larger international firms looking to expand their reach into the Giant of Africa without the enormous overhead costs usually associated with such an expansion. We are the first provider of Serviced and Virtual Office Plans in Nigeria so rest assured we know the market better than anyone.

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