Why choose us 

You will find that the benefits of a serviced office far outweigh those of a traditional long-term lease.

With a traditional office space, you will have to:

  • Source an office space (which will likely take more than 2 trips)
  • Pay a Real Estate Agent
  • Pay service charges: solicitors, agents, etc.
  • Take out a one or two year lease on the property
  • Set up your office space (carpeting, partitions)
  • Install cabling, air conditioning , telephone systems and internet
  • Buy and set up furniture for your staff
  • Buy and set up office equipment
  • Source and hire reliable security at your building
  • Maintenance (lighting, plumbing, NEPA, Generator etc.)
  • Hire reliable attendants to clean your facilities
  • Hire reliable office staff
  • This lengthy and time consuming list only addresses start up costs. Why invest the time and money if you don't have to? By choosing to use the Serviced Offices at Chase Executive Services, consider it all done!

    In addition, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your business is being professionally handled by Chase Executive Services while you are taking care of other things. Benefit from the freedom to go into a meeting, switch off your phone, or even go on holidays knowing you'll never miss an important message.